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Turnpike Overlook.


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Property Description

Welcome to this exceptional hotel property, offering 4 acres of prime real estate in Vinita. Situated at the turnpike entrance, this location provides a unique opportunity to create a prominent and welcoming presence for visitors entering the town.

With its expansive 4-acre size, this property offers ample space for the development of not just one, but two hotels, making it an ideal investment for those looking to capitalize on Vinita's growing tourism industry. Additionally, the property's layout provides room for a restaurant or retail space, further enhancing its potential as a comprehensive hospitality complex.

One of the key advantages of this property is its commanding position overlooking the turnpike. Being the first thing visitors see upon entering Vinita from the turnpike creates a strong visual impact and offers a prime opportunity to attract travelers and guests. The high visibility and convenient access make this location highly desirable for both business and leisure travelers seeking accommodation and amenities.

Investors and developers looking to enter the hospitality industry or expand their portfolio will find this hotel property to be an enticing prospect. With its prime location, expansive space, and captivating views, this property offers the ideal foundation for creating a landmark destination that leaves a lasting impression.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to establish a remarkable hospitality complex at the entrance of Vinita. Capitalize on the high visibility, convenient access, and potential for growth offered by this prime hotel property. Create a welcoming oasis for travelers and locals alike, setting the standard for hospitality in Vinita.

Dee Robison




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