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Travel Plaza Property


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Property Description

Introducing the Travel Plaza Property, a remarkable 20-acre parcel of land ideally suited for a travel plaza and convenience store, with ample room remaining for additional retail, food, and hotel developments. This prime property borders both I-44 and Route 66, making it an ideal first stop for travelers and a lucrative investment opportunity.

With its expansive size, the Travel Plaza Property offers plenty of space to create a comprehensive travel destination. The primary focus can be on establishing a modern and well-equipped travel plaza and convenience store, providing essential services and amenities for weary travelers. The convenience store can offer a range of products, including fuel, snacks, beverages, and basic supplies, catering to the needs of both local customers and those passing through.

Additionally, the property offers the flexibility to incorporate other retail establishments, food outlets, and even a hotel, enhancing the overall appeal and making it a one-stop destination for travelers. By providing a variety of services and options, the Travel Plaza Property has the potential to attract a wide range of customers, ensuring a steady flow of business.

The property's strategic location is another significant advantage. Situated just east of the turnpike exit and bordering both I-44 and Route 66, it benefits from excellent visibility and accessibility. Being the first stop after exiting the turnpike makes it an ideal choice for travelers looking for a quick break, refreshments, or a rest stop. The prominent location along these major highways ensures high exposure and a constant stream of potential customers.

Don't miss out on the chance to establish a thriving travel plaza and convenience store, along with complementary retail, food, and hotel offerings on this 20-acre property. Take advantage of the prime location, accessibility, and potential for growth to create a destination that caters to the needs of travelers, providing them with a memorable and convenient experience.

Dee Robison




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