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Clanton Property


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Property Description

A remarkable 15-acre parcel of land located just behind the Travel Plaza Property. This expansive and versatile property offers a range of possibilities, including an executive home and horse ranch, as well as commercial and multi-family development opportunities.
The spacious acreage offers ample room for equestrian facilities, such as stables, riding arenas, and grazing areas, allowing you to indulge your passion for horses while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Beyond the potential for an executive home and horse ranch, the Clanton Property presents numerous other possibilities. Its commercial zoning opens doors for various business ventures, such as retail establishments, restaurants, or professional offices. With the proximity to the Travel Plaza Property and its potential influx of visitors, the Clanton Property offers a strategic location to cater to travelers' needs and capitalize on their presence.

Additionally, the property's size and zoning allow for multi-family development, providing the opportunity to create a vibrant community of residential units. This option appeals to investors and developers seeking to meet the growing demand for housing in the area.

The Clanton Property's proximity to the Travel Plaza Property further enhances its appeal. The Travel Plaza's potential as a bustling hub of activity and the foot traffic it generates can benefit the Clanton Property by creating additional exposure and attracting customers or residents.

Don't miss out on the chance to acquire this exceptional 15-acre property behind the Travel Plaza Property. Seize the opportunity to create a unique and thriving destination, fulfilling various possibilities, and offering a blend of luxury, convenience, and community.

Dee Robison




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