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Afton Museum


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Property Description

Welcome to the Afton Museum, a unique opportunity located in the heart of Afton on Route 66. This historic property consists of an old service station and a total of seven buildings, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia, business potential, office spaces, and food service opportunities.

The Afton Museum showcases the charm and character of a bygone era, providing an authentic and captivating glimpse into the history of Route 66. The old service station and accompanying buildings exude a sense of nostalgia, making it an ideal setting for a museum that celebrates the iconic highway and its cultural significance.

Beyond its potential as a museum, the property offers a wide range of possibilities for businesses. The unique look and atmosphere of the buildings can be leveraged to create a distinct and memorable business establishment. Whether you envision a boutique shop, a gallery, or a specialty store, the Afton Museum presents an ideal backdrop for businesses seeking to tap into the nostalgic allure of Route 66.

Furthermore, the Afton Museum offers opportunities in the food service industry. With its central location and the continuous flow of visitors along Route 66, the property is well-suited for establishing a restaurant, cafe, or food truck. The nostalgic ambiance and the steady stream of tourists present a promising market for culinary ventures.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts of Route 66 will find the Afton Museum to be an exciting prospect. The property's combination of historical significance, commercial potential, and nostalgic charm makes it a remarkable opportunity to create a destination that celebrates the legacy of the iconic highway.

Dee Robison




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