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7th Street and Route 66


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Property Description

Welcome to 7th Street, a prime location situated at the intersection of 7th Street and Route 66 in Vinita. This exceptional property offers easy access to all that Vinita has to offer, making it an ideal destination for businesses and residents alike.

The strategic positioning of 7th Street ensures excellent visibility and exposure, thanks to its intersection with the iconic Route 66. Known for its historical significance and attracting tourists from around the world, Route 66 offers a unique advantage for businesses seeking to thrive in this vibrant community.

Convenience is key at 7th Street, with a range of popular establishments in close proximity. Residents and visitors will appreciate the nearby presence of Wal-Mart, Sonic, hotels, Subway, and Pizza Hut. This thriving commercial area provides a wealth of amenities and dining options, creating a bustling environment that attracts customers and enhances the overall appeal of the location.

Whether you're a business owner looking to establish a presence or a resident seeking a convenient and vibrant neighborhood, 7th Street offers an excellent opportunity. Its central location ensures easy access to all of Vinita, allowing you to enjoy the amenities and services that the town has to offer.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and residents seeking a prime location will find 7th Street to be an attractive proposition. Take advantage of the exceptional visibility, convenient access, and the bustling commercial scene nearby to establish your business or find a place to call home.

Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this thriving community at the intersection of 7th Street and Route 66. Whether you're looking to establish a business or enjoy the benefits of a prime location, 7th Street offers the perfect blend of convenience and opportunity in the heart of Vinita.

Dee Robison




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